POS Software Communications For Multi-Store Control

Want to know the biggest single support issue for multiple stores? Communications! Store 5 did not communicate customer information last night; store 2 did not get updated inventory files; corporate did not get payroll information from store 3. ProphetLine’s built-in Communications retrieves sales and timecard information from remote systems to communicate back to the corporate location. It also enables store locations to exchange information such as inventory, personnel, customers, vendors, and company mail. It also tracks inventory transfers, customer histories and vendor information. ProphetLine can automatically exchange this information unattended during normal business hours as frequently as every minute, or it can store the changes and perform communications after normal business hours. You pick the frequency.

All financial statements and account balances can be handled at the corporate offices or a retailer might elect to decentralize some operations. For example, corporate might handle payables, but have the store locations handle accounts receivable statements. Each business can customize the Communications Module to select the information to be transferred, custom-tailoring the data exchange for your business operation environment.