POS Software Developer to End User

Some POS software companies use a direct sales model, while most use a model based on resellers buying the software from the developer and re-selling to the end user. This reseller might also handle other products and their focus is not exclusively on the POS software you are looking to purchase. The difference usually shows up in the quality of the support.  The end user direct model allows the buyer to work directly with the developers to get support from the people that are dedicated to that one product. Resellers all too often have other projects in the works and the end user support suffers.  

Support can also include things like managing a company communication needs, upgrade cycles and being able to talk with the end user immediately. This real time support means that you will receive help that will get you up and going in the least amount of time. I always tell potential customers that they need to be sure of three things; Are you comfortable with the people you are talking with and they will give you the support you deserve, the POS software has the functionality you are looking for and the price is within your range. The support always comes first.