POS Software Helps Compete Against the Big Box Retailers

The fear of a Wal Mart or Target store going in the same general area is something that will put fear in the heart of most small retailers. That should not be the case, because of the old clich that it is hard to turn a big ship. Small retailers have the ability to turn on a dime if they have reliable information on their inventory and services provided, they can make quick decisions. The only way to get this information is with a point of sale system that drives the data seamlessly through all of the reporting.

If Target carries Brand "A", then you carry a more exclusive Brand "B" and make yourself different. If your POS Software has built in email marketing functionality, you can notify your good customers in advance of the merchandise arrival and set up a private showing before you put the merchandise on the shelve. It’s all about the customer experience. ProphetLine can’t compete with Microsoft and their big bucks if we did the very same things they did, but we can give superior service and develop our software to give the small retailer an edge. A Retailpreneur’s most distinguishing quality is not the willingness to take risks, but the ability to put the past behind and seize new opportunities in the future.