POS Software Is Better When Retail Stock Ledger and Open-To-Buy Are Built In

ProphetLine POS Software is a high performance all-in-one retail management solution that makes store technology simple. When other software companies tell you their software integrates with other applications, it usually means complicated, technical knowhow is needed. Forget about import/export, "integration" and other technical procedures, because ProphetLine POS Software is one complete system.

All sales and purchasing data is automatically/seamlessly moved to the Retail Stock Ledger to give retailers quick views of the vendor, department and class level performance of their inventory. If a department is under or over stocked, or certain vendors don’t perform as well as others, you know immediately. Open to buy plans can be built with full confidence that all the data is concise and factual. Open to Buy plans are also updated continuously by the system as months pass, resulting in truly perpetual plans. All these functions are built into ProphetLine and not add ons that require the "easy" integration and technical procedures that other POS software companies promise.