POS Software is Not About How Much, But ROI

If a potential customer’s first question is “How Much”, it’s usually useless to go any further with them. Inexpensive is different from cheap and the way you evaluate that is by the potential return on investment of the POS software. When you are trying to figure out good ways to increase your business in these trying times and go for the cheapest product, you will probably end up with a glorified cash register. The first question you ask is which software can I buy that will transform my business and increase my profitability within the current framework of my retail establishment?  POS software can help you become an efficient retailer by knowing which departments, classes and venders give you good margins, turn rates and sell through percentages. Capturing information at the point of sale is essential to determine these merchandising points and mine more business from your existing customer base. Your customers will gladly give you some personal information if they know that preferential treatment or special pricing is the end result. Notifying them of new product arrivals, private showings or a pending sale are a few of the ways to build your customer loyalty and keep them shopping with you and not your competitors.

Controlling your inventory through reliable reporting within your POS software will allow you to stock less inventory, turn faster and keep better margins.  These are the least expensive and risky ways to keep your business going in tough times. With ProphetLine POS Software, all of these objectives can be met with a low cash outlay. When the client asks “What can your POS software do for my business”, that is the potential customer we are looking for.