POS Software That Competes With the Big Retailers

Small retailers can purchase POS Software with features comparable to those used by their larger competitors at a fraction of the cost. Most large retailers use two to three percent of gross sales as the dollar amount that they will invest in technology each year. A small retailer can do much better than that if they find POS software that is so easy to use, intuitive and does not require an IT staff. Find a POS software company that will be your IT staff and answer questions about procedural issues as well as ongoing support issues.

Support staffs at POS software companies need to treat a retailer’s issues as mission critical. If your POS software is down, it can cost you money and disrupt your business flow. Insist that the point-of-sale provider you select offers a “real time” support model. Real time support means that the technician will pick up the phone and answer most of the calls immediately. Another positive that a good POS software company offers is ongoing remote training when new releases are available or the client is not getting the most from the product.