POS Software That Gives You All Three: Quality, Service and Price!

I am sure you have heard the old saying many company’s use, quality, service and price, pick two. ProphetLine POS Software puts a different twist on this by giving you all three. The Worlds first Windows retail POS Software package and a four time winner of the Microsoft Retail Developer of the Year Award should give you the idea that it is a quality POS Software product. Our service and support are unmatched in the software business and it’s hard to beat our price.

We never say ProphetLine POS Software is better than another point of sale software company, only that we have the credentials to back up the claim. A customer has to choose POS Software based on functionally, budget, training, support and especially references from other retailers using the product. The best way for us to make sure that we have a happy customer is to be totally upfront with what ProphetLine POS Software can do and can’t do. If you are looking for a certain feature and we don’t have it, we tell you. So the next time you ask about our competitor’s product, you will probably hear us say, it’s not up to us to judge their software, but we know how good ProphetLine is.