POS Software With Direct Credit, Debit & Gift Card Integration

Most retailers have experienced slow credit card processing at peak periods.  ProphetLine for Windows Payment System, a partnership with Mercury Payment Systems, uses your Internet connection to produce extremely fast and reliable credit and debit transactions.  PLW Payment will give you low rates, quick approval and all card types are supported.  Faster transactions can reduce lines and afford better service to your customers.  Gift Card functionality is also available with no transaction fees. The web reporting system allows you to see all the transactions for all your locations—organized by date, batch, card type or in dozens of other reports. In a recent survey by a major bank about credit card merchant services, which was rated most important?

      1) Lower Costs
      2) Faster Transactions (If you chose this one, you were right!)
      3) More Features

Of course merchants want all three.  PLW Payment Systems delivers.

Lower Costs:  Costs can be lower, especially on low ticket purchases where transaction fees make up a larger portion of overall credit card costs. PLW Payment is an ideal solution for retailers with high volumes and demanding customers. 

Faster transactions:  PLW Payment is roughly 400-500% faster than conventional dial-up.  2-3 seconds instead of 10-30.

More Features:   
     • Ultra Fast IP Payments
     • Full Integration with your POS Software 
     • Web Reporting  
     • E-Commerce  

The startup costs are low, the opportunities for increased customer satisfaction are high.  ProphetLine for Windows Payment System is a virtual no-brainer!

Is there any other choice?