ProphetLine for Windows POS Software Enhancements for Version 9.42.11

Added a Blind Reconciliation option. This option allows Managers and Owners to enforce no-count drawer reconciliations for specific terminals. The drawer can be locked up for counting by a manager/auditor the next day.

Added 4 QuickTender buttons to the Touchscreen Numeric Keypad

Added an Inventory Touchscreen option. This option allows businesses with small or limited inventory, or in service specific fields, to quickly and easily access inventory for sales orders, or sales, using a touchscreen only environment in the POS Software.

Added the ability to link any file to an inventory itemThis feature can be used to attach any external file to a specific inventory item.

  • Add button, text field and button to Special Settings screen so that a file can be attached to an inventory item in your POS Software.


Updated the Open To Buy Analysis report calculation for Current Month Over/Under, when including Month-to-Date totals. For the current month only, for Over/Under (and Cumulative Over/Under) our calculation was:

  • Next Month Planned BOMI – Current Inventory Value – On Order Changed to add the Sales Variance / Actual Planned to the end of this calculation:
  • Next Month Planned BOMI – Current Inventory Value – On Order – Sales Variance


This change basically takes into account what customers are planning on selling for the rest of the month, to more accurately reflect over/under.

Enhanced Trade-In Condition Groups to allow preset values to be entered for cost and retail prices in ProphetLine POS Software. Added in the following 2 options to Condition Groups so that preset values can be set for trade-in items, based on the condition group, as a percentage of the original cost and retail values:

  • Trade-In Cash Offer is xxx% of the last vendor cost of the retail item
  • Trade-In Resell Price is xxx% of the regular retail selling price
  • When values are entered the values cannot be changed by the clerk in MAS
  • If either value is left blank, or 0, the value is editable in MAS