Prophetline Help Desk Goals

Priority and Severity Scheme

ProphetLine classifies all support issues by the following characteristics.

  • Priority 1 – Urgent / Mission Critical: Inability to ring up ANY transactions.
  • Priority 2 – High: Suspected pending failure; Non-fatal system lock-ups; Data discrepancy issues.
  • Priority 3 – Low: Validation requests; Issues requiring research; Training related questions.


ProphetLine strives to have all calls answered by customer support, and currently, over 90% of calls are answered directly. When calls are not answered directly by support representatives, the following responsiveness guidelines will be in effect:

  • Priority 1: Call returned within 30 minutes.
  • Priority 2: Call returned within 4 hours.
  • Priority 3: Call returned within 1 business day.

Priority 1 call backs are handled by senior support representatives.

Sixty Day Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with ProphetLine software, it may be returned, but only if you purchase one of ProphetLine’s Training or Support Packages (which are not refundable). You must return the product with all original packing materials in resaleable condition.  Please enclose a copy of the original invoice and a brief explanation of the reason for the return.  Merchandise must be received at ProphetLine no later than 60 days after delivery to you. All purchases will be subject to a minimum 25% restocking fee.    

Note:  Registered software is not returnable.

Escalation Policies

Open issues are constantly evaluated for escalation or reprioritization:

  • Priority 1: If open for one hour, escalated to next level technician.
  • Priority 2: If open for four hours, escalated to next level technician.

Support Communication

For open support calls being researched, store personnel will be communicated with via phone, fax, or e-mail, per the following schedule (at a minimum):

  • Priority 1: Hourly.
  • Priority 2: Daily.
  • Priority 3: Every other business day.

Support Call Logging

All end-user contacts to ProphetLine for support will be recorded, entered into the ProphetLine Support Desk software, and assigned a Support Call Number.  These can be viewed with Account Manager.  Please note that conversations may be recorded for quality control purposes.