ProphetLine POS Software is your Retail Consultant.

Small business owners have lost faith in any sort of government solution to the country’s economic problems.   Small businesses are the ones that have traditionally grown us out of every recession and they have to realize that they are going to have to do it on their own without any help from Uncle Sam or local banks.  We have built POS Software that is easy to use, easy to set up and gives you Retail Easy reports.  These Retail Easy reports give you department-class-vendor breakdowns to improve your productivity and survive in this tough environment.

No controller for a business would close off an accounting period and then begin analysis by looking at the general ledger entries for that month. Yet, this is the focus of many POS Software systems. A controller starts with the financial statement. Then when they discover a problem with perhaps a revenue or expense account out of line, they drill deeper to determine why. For example, advertising may have skyrocketed over last year or over budget, so the controller would look at the expense entries related to advertising to determine why.

The ProphetLine Retail Stock Ledger built into the POS Software can function in the same manner. A retailer reviews Department-level sales for a period of time and can analyze sales, turn rates, performance gross profits, etc. and then drill deeper, first to classes, then vendors, then specific product to further define the problem.  The report can be run at the Department – Class – Vendor – SKU levels and in any order. For example, a retailer can run a Vendor – Department report and view one vendor with activity for all departments in which that Vendor supplies products.  All of the analytics are run behind the scenes all you have to look at are easy to understand roadmaps to success.  ProphetLine POS Software is your retail consultant.