Push Selling in Your POS Software

I was reading an article in a NRF News Brief yesterday and it reminded me of how underutilized the art of suggestive or push selling is. We call it push selling because in our POS software we can attach an inventory item to another item and make it mandatory that the clerk ask the customer if they would like an item that compliments the original item they are buying. The customer might buy a sweater and the clerk would be prompted to ask if they would like the new blouse that just came in that goes with it. If they say yes, the inventory item is automatically put on the sales receipt.

People are much more apt to purchase if they think that the clerk is being helpful and has their best interest at heart.
You can have the pictures of the products in your POS software and when it is displayed on the monitor, the effect is immediate. Using your POS software to its utmost capability can add several percentage points to your bottom line.