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“In today’s rapidly changing business environment, competition is intensifying and accelerating by the hour. Success is dependent upon the speed at which an organization can empower its employees and reach customers. Technology now plays a strategic role, and of all the tools available to the business community, applications are the most critical. Organizations that can extend the reach of business critical applications to users wherever, whenever and however they are needed, are developing a strategic advantage in the networked economy.” [ More ]

index Application Serving Explained

“In today’s fast-paced global marketplace, the ability to provide employees, partners and other users with access to the right applications and data – whenever and wherever they are needed – is crucial to a competitive edge. However, application delivery has grown increasingly complicated and expensive, thanks to increasing worker mobility, corporate expansion worldwide, the trend toward mergers and acquisitions, an ongoing shortage of IT professionals, greater choice of computing devices, and the rise of the Internet.” [ More ]