Service and Support Are the Two Most Important Things When Buying POS Software

Yes, we sell inexpensive POS software and yes it is full featured, but why am I very rarely asked when the product is demoed about our support. POS software without a great support staff is useless. Most Pos software can do all the basics like perpetual inventory, cash controls, sales analysis and the day to day functions. The really good POS software companies give you support that helps you understand how to use information that should be fully automated, seamless and will give you an advantage over your competitors. Don’t over analyze, keep it simple with an easy to understand retail stock ledger that gives you department/class comparatives, vendor comparatives and an open to buy program that requires very little work and gives you information to make you an informed buyer.

Almost all POS software can act like a glorified cash register and track money, inventory and your basics. They also give you a bunch of lists at the end of the day that you don’t have a clue about how to use to improve your business’s bottom line. There is no reason that you should not be using a great POS software system instead of a glorified cigar box that gives you this bunch of lists. To put everything in perspective, yes we sell POS software with great technical support, yes we are full featured and nothing on the market can compare with the bang for the buck you get with ProphetLine POS Software.