Support is the Most Important Part of POS Software Purchase

This subject is so important that I am replaying an older blog on support with POS Software. When you have a big sale ahead and everything needs to go perfect, it doesn’t take much to ruin the day. Your POS Software system is acting up, you call tech support and two hours later there is still no response. This is probably when you realize that you have made a big mistake in your purchase and all the features and functionality in the world are not going to make up for the fact you can’t get good support. ProphetLine POS Software support prides itself in answering 80% of the calls immediately and the other 20% on a call back basis in less than 10 minutes.

A few years ago, there was a study of companies that had gone through two computer installations. The research drew conclusions regarding the importance of issues such as price, software functionality, training, support and other items considered in the decision process. The first time around, price was number 1 and support was number 9. The second time around, these same companies, listed support as number 1 and price as number 7! We set a maximum time frame so that if your problem is not addressed within the time frame, you can call back and make sure that some extraordinary circumstances have not arisen. These guidelines are available at support tab.