Training is a Must When Selecting Your POS Software

Choosing the right point of sale software is only one step in achieving retail success. Learning to properly implement procedures and then learning to manage and react to the information provided is every bit as important as finding the right features in your system.

Without exception, studies show that customer satisfaction with a computer system is directly related to the quality and quantity of education. One study a few years ago determined that upon completion of training, a customer retained at most 80% of the training. In many cases, it was closer to 50%. If that trained person leaves the organization and trains a replacement, the new employee has only 25%-64% true knowledge of the system. A new employee who has to learn the system by guessing may have less than 30% knowledge of the capabilities of the system! Because training is so important, ProphetLine offers training for now and for later.

If we go on-site and spend two days solid, the customer’s attention span is not going to last. The best way to train is to give two hour blocks of on-line training and the trainee will retain a majority of the information. When they need to learn a different portion of the product or have a refresher, set-up another training session.