What Should You Expect From Your POS Software Company After The Sale?

You bought the POS Software, loaded your inventory, defined your departments, classes, security levels and are making sales; what should you expect from the POS Software company after the purchase. That is the part that separates successful retailers from those that struggle. On-going training will be the most important issue to fully understanding the features and functionality of the POS Software you purchase. You need to learn all of the software capabilities after the initial set-up training; not just the getting started functions. Take your on-going training in one or two hour on-line sessions, which will give you a much higher retention rate than trying to absorb everything in a two to five day training class.

The next thing you need to expect from your POS Software company is a good technical department that can answer your support questions promptly and resolve your issues. You should also expect a good migration path for up-dates and up-grades to your current software version. At ProphetLine, we encourage our customers to access their on-line account manager and learn what new features are in the shipping version and download it immediately. Most forward thinking POS Software companies can keep you up to date on future trends and needs.