What You Don’t Know is What Will Hurt You

Almost every retailer is always concerned with what sells well, what doesn’t, am I over stocked, under stocked, do I have the right assortment and is all inventory current. Your POS software will give you all this information and more, but does it tell you what customers have not been in over a period of time. It costs a lot more to cultivate a new customer than it does to keep an existing one happy. If you have 1,000 customers that traded with you last year, but have not been in your store in the last six months, you need to bring those back. Your POS software should tell you everyone that has purchased in the past, but has not been in the last six months and straight out of your software, send an email blast that will offer them an incentive to come visit you. Out of that 1,000, if 100 came back and purchased $50, wouldn’t that make a big difference to your bottom line.

While gaining new customers can help your business grow, a lot of times it is not enough. Imagine gaining 20 new customers each and every month, but losing 25 existing customers every month during the same time frame. Just getting new customers would not be enough in this situation to keep your business going. You must find a way to gain more customers than you are losing. This is where your Point of Sale (POS) Software can be a valuable tool. ProphetLine POS Software has integrated customer marketing. With the availability of customer purchases, user definable fields you can easily give your customers that personal touch that will keep them as a valued customer even if you don’t have the best prices in town. High quality customer Service is something, we at ProphetLine know is valuable and is one of the reasons our POS Software makes it easy for you to give higher customer service to your customers as well.