When Should You Buy a POS System?

The answer is really simple. You should buy POS Software when you consider it an investment and not an expense. It is an investment in the future health of your business. The initial cost of the software and hardware is a good start, but there are continuing expenses that include ongoing training, support and software upgrades. You may never even come close to using all the features in a good quality POS Software product, but if you target just 15% of the features you feel that can improve your business, your retail improvement will not be far behind.

In 1996, ProphetLine was doing a technology tour with the winners of various categories of software that won Microsoft Retail Application Developer Awards. Jim Dion, president of Dionco, was the speaker for the shows and I must have heard his program twenty times, but I never tired of listening to it. He always stressed training and support and a portion of your revenues reinvested back into your store technologies. It was never considered an expense, but an investment that must be maintained. If two percent of your store revenues is your technology budget and you get a return of seven percent or better, it’s a no-brainer.