Why is Our POS Software Better Than Others?

If you are selling T shirts at Times Square and a quarter million new faces go by, any POS Software will do. Ring up cash customer, sell, close drawer and when the T shirt stack gets down to two feet tall, re-order. Any old horizontal product can do this. That’s the difference in products that are glorified cash registers and products that allow you to market to your best customers, replenish with the right assortment of product at the right time and give you an up to date review of your financial situation.

Many times I am asked why we are any better or different than other software companies and I always try to take the high road, even though that usually doesn’t work in reverse. If you talk poorly about other companies, you usually don’t have enough good things to say about your own product. You have to make your decision on the comfort level you have with the companys sales and support, functionality requirements and price. Nobody has been doing Windows POS software longer that we have, won more national awards and will work any harder to make you happy.