Why the Variance in Price for POS Software?

How much does it cost is the first question asked by many retailers inquiring about ProphetLine POS/Retail Management Software. They see Quick Books POS software sold at Sam’s Club for next to nothing and ProphetLine POS Software at a much higher price and wonder why. Quick Books POS software is targeted to retailers that are making a move from a cash register to their first POS Software system and do not have a tight set of rules in place regarding the merchandising of their inventory. If you are selling T-Shirts in Times Square and a quarter million new customers come by every day, the need for strict inventory control and who your customers are, for targeted marketing, is unnecessary. Quick Books and Microsoft RMS have developed a horizontal POS Software product for retailers new to technology and with simple needs.

ProphetLine POS Software is designed for retailers in tough retail markets with more complex needs where capturing information at the point of sale is essential to mining more business from their existing customer base. ProphetLine POS Software is a modestly priced software system which caters to single store operators or small chains with fewer than fifty stores. You will find all the basic functionality in ProphetLine POS Software, and all the advanced features to insure the success of a small retail chain.

Now back to the first question, how much does it cost? We are more than the entry level products, but a lot less than most of the POS Software products we normally compete against. The most bang for your buck does not have to cost more. If you are not interested in improving your business processes, cost should be your main concern and a two hundred dollar cash register should work just fine.