Will the Government Please Step Aside

For the economy to start moving again, we need more jobs. The economic stimulus plan earlier this year was supposed to spur job growth, but in all areas it has failed.  Congressional action on issues like government run heal care that mandate employers pay health care or be fined and card check legislation would keep American businesses from creating new jobs we need to get the economy moving again.

The best thing for Congress to do is get out of the way and let small business do what it does best: create jobs for hard-working Americans. America relies on the small business community as the standard bearer for employment in this country.  The recovery is fragile and to avoid regressing, Congress should stay out of the way, support small business and let them create the jobs necessary to fully recover from the recession.  Before Congress tries passing any new legislation, maybe they should go through all the poorly designed legislation from the past and clean them up.  They say they can pay for all of this new health care by eliminating fraud and waste.  If they can do that, eliminate the fraud and waste first and then use that new found saved money to add additional benefits to the health plan.