Would You Rather Buy From Small or Large Software Company?

There used to be a saying, "No one ever got fired for buying IBM. That referred to large companies where the IT staff was covering their rear and buying from a large software company with a pricey product. Small retailers have a better option, because their purchase is usually made by the manager or owner. This decision is dictated by the functionality of the software, responsiveness of the support staff and a personal relationship developed with the sales and project management staff.

ProphetLine POS Software/Retail Systems prides itself on a more one to one personal relationship that gives comfort to the retailer that someone really cares about their business. Your calls are usually answered in a short period of time and if not, you are put into the system for a quick return call. You have a choice, call and talk to someone you don’t know and have never talked to before, or call and talk to someone you have developed a relationship with. I think you’ll like the way you feel.