You Have to Rely On Good POS Software Sales Numbers

Like a lot of POS Software Companies, we built a bunch of reports that were good, but it was hard to tie all the reports together. The ProphetLine POS/Retail Management Company spent much time and money using some of the best retail minds to give retailers reports that make sense. Our primary consultant was Alan Fisher of My Retail Guru and he helped us tie all the reports together in a concise summary of easy to understand data to make positive decisions from, not just a list with hard to understand information. All of the Point of Sale information is aggregated into the comprehensive Retail Stock Ledger. ProphetLine then takes this information and builds quick view reports that allow you to identify problems in your inventory and the necessary actions needed to correct the problem. Click the Retail Stock Ledger link to get a better understanding of what goes on and why. You can drill as deep as you want into the Retail Stock Ledger or build Open To Buy Plans with confidence your numbers are correct. Now more than ever, the numbers you rely on have to be quick and accurate.