Your POS Software Can Drastically Reduce Your Return Fraud

The holiday season is a small retailers major source of income for the year and also creates a huge amount of potential return fraud. Your store policy should be a refund only if accompanied by the original receipt or you have the ability to easily pull up that transaction on your POS software. ProphetLine prints a bar-coded unique number on each receipt and when recalled, it brings up everything purchased on that transaction at the original price that was paid. If the customer does not have the receipt, it can be easily recalled and printed.

The last thing you need to do is make an exchange or return difficult on your customer and any goodwill made up to that point would be lost. Your return policy should be easy to manage to reduce store fraud and customer friendly. The best way to issue credit is to use a stored value gift card that the customer can redeem at a future date. That will make them return for a future purchase and they will probably spend more than the value on the card. Have a great holiday season from your friends at ProphetLine POS Software/Retail Systems.