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Working Directly with the POS Software Developer

There is a reason I put my email address and direct number on all the correspondence I send out and on our web site.  That is to make sure all your needs are taken care of.  Being able to contact the POS software developer directly means faster, more efficient and more reliable service when you need it most. Our support staff can be called immediately when an issue arises and you need to have an answer now. Nothing can be more frustrating than needing to know how to perform a certain task and not getting a knowledgeable answer. If you don’t get your support from the people that develop and work with the POS software every day, are you really getting the reliable answers you need?

The Best Business Improvement Starts At The POS

There are many new buzz words in the retail technology arena that are changing the way retailers are looking at system upgrades at the store level.  Cloud, mobile and social media are a few words that are thrown around, but today’s retailers are still faced with the problem of creating more revenue out of the existing square footage they occupy.  Information gathered with point of sale software is a vital part of the process of generating business opportunities by making available information allowing you to open new markets, attract new customers and find new ways to optimize revenue. Most POS systems can manage to do the basics, like perpetual inventory, billings and compile various lists.

To succeed in today’s business climate, you have to have a system that gives you the ability to build your business around processes that generate more revenue out of existing customers, services, products with better margins and utilize the Internet as an extension of your POS software. The reports you generate from your POS software must be precise accounts of your customers buying habits in the past, an accurate projection of their future purchases and the inventory levels required to satisfy their needs. Buying more inventory than necessary or purchasing the wrong piece selection is a formula for disaster. Prior to purchasing extensive amounts of inventory or investing in new fixtures or equipment, a store must review their sales performance by department, by vendor and formulate a sales plan or revise an existing plan. Based on trends, the sales plans are adjusted upward or downward so that the right amount of investment is made in each department

A minimum return for your investment with quality POS Software.

A minimum return for your investment with quality POS Software.

If taking a long overdue vacation or just a little R&R and having peace of mind is not enough, try the following equation:

If your Retail Store did $500,000. in yearly sales, you could, according to industry averages, add 15% to your Bottom Line with quality POS Software.

  POS Software Stops Theft and Shrinkage 2% $10,000
  Prompt and accurate statements with POS Software 1% 5,000
  POS Software for Accurate inventory pricing At time of Sale 1% 5,000
  POS Software with Built in sales prompts 1% 5,000
  POS Software Helps in mishandled & inaccurate Inventory counts 2% 10,000
  POS Software with Retail Stock Ledger reporting for Better turn rates, sell through & margin comparisons 2% 10,000
  Targeted Marketing in your POS Software {know the Buying habits of your customers And target market} 1% 5,000
  POS Software with Web Shopping Cart 5% 25,000

For a $250.00 per month investment, you receive POS software, support, upgrades, web shopping cart and web hosting.

*All figures are based on industry averages and may vary with each retailer.